The Complete Guide to Land Hermit Crabs and Their Care: Changing the Mindset of Hermit Crab Keeping

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The Complete Guide to Land Hermit Crabs and Their Care is a detailed look at land hermit crabs of the Coenobita species, their unique biology and required care for long-term survival as pets. Hermit crabs can live decades if cared for properly. This book follows the Land Hermit Crab Owners Society care guidelines which are based on twenty plus years of research data applicable to decapod crustaceans. Hermit crabs are not throw-away pets or an ideal animal for a child. They are a complex exotic pet and require a specific environment in which to thrive.

In this full-color guide to successfully keeping hermit crabs as pets you’ll discover basic biology, plenty of images, a chapter on breeding, and a resource section full of helpful links. You’ll also find information on current captive breeding projects. You’ll learn how to meet your hermit crab’s nutritional needs and how to feed them from your pantry. Stacy will teach you the proper shells to choose, where to buy them and how to measure shells even when they’re currently inhabited. Potential issues like how to handle a hermit crab who has left its shell, what to do if you get ants in your crabitat and how to care for a hermit crab during surface molts will also be discussed.
Pick up your copy now to transform your land hermit crab into a healthy, thriving crab!

Stacy Griffith has been president of the Land Hermit Crab Owners Society and owner of The Crab Street Journal since 2008. She began keeping hermit crabs in 2003. After taking over LHCOS and CSJ she began reading scientific research studies to further educate herself on the biological needs of hermit crabs so that she could improve care practices and educate others. Land hermit crabs are marketed as easy, cheap, starter pets for children. In reality, they are a complex animal with specific environmental needs that are beyond the abilities of a child. Stacy hopes to change the mainstream mindset so that hermit crabs can thrive in captivity for decades instead of just surviving for a year or two.

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