Seashell Beauty and the Concept of Nature at Play

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The poet Pablo Neruda kept a box of seashells on his desk for inspiration and was in awe of their beauty.

But does that beauty serve a survival function for the mollusk that produced it? Does it help to attract a mate, to capture prey, to ward off predators? If not, does that very beauty defy the principle that ‘Nature does nothing in vain’? In addressing these basic questions, Raskin discusses a controversial answer that many will find intriguing.

This little book on seashells, with its many photos, will deepen your appreciation of their beauty — and invite you to consider nature in a light you may never have expected.

Not a coffee-table book. A serious study but written in a language with which everyone would be comfortable

About the author: Richard Raskin taught for decades as Associate Professor in Film Studies at the School of Communication and Culture, Aarhus University, before his recent retirement. His books explore a diverse variety of subjects, including short film, the origins and expanse of Jewish humor, and the enduring movie Casablanca. He earned doctorate degrees in the United States and Denmark, and has written award-winning screenplays for short fiction films.


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